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The sun’s out! On the hunt for a natural sunscreen

Over the past two weekends the sun has decided to finally come out, and it was hot!  Needless to say we’re all slightly pink now.  Every year around this time I go on my hunt for natural sunscreen.  Each year there seems to more of them on the market, which is great to see.  I’ve also looked for sunscreen recipes, but I haven’t found one that is simple enough to make that will work!  Two of us have quite fair skin so it needs to work, we don’t need sunburns.

A few years ago, when there was very little on the market for natural products, and I wasn’t as good at deciphering the labels I was using this sunscreen by Alba.  It actually worked great, went on smooth, didn’t make you look white, and it was a decent price.  Side note – Why do they make sunscreen so expensive!  There are literally hundreds of choices but they all seem to cost so much, especially the all natural versions.  Sorry…end rant!  Anyways the Alba sunscreen was good at the time but not as natural as I would have liked.

Last year I tried two different natural products.  The first was Banana Boat’s Natural Sunscreen.  The pro’s are it’s price point and the clause “100% naturally sourced sunscreen ingredients” on the label.  The con’s are that it goes on so thick it’s painful to spread on your squirming kids.  It also leaves a white layer on your skin, I know this is just the zinc and if I want to go natural we should just put of layer of zinc on our skin, but honestly no one wants to walk around covered in a layer of white paste.

The second product we tried was the Honest Company spray sunscreen.  It was a great product, it went on lovely, however the price point was quite high and the spray nozzle kept getting clogged up, I’m not sure if we even used all the product in the bottle.

This weekend I picked up a new sunscreen from The Green Beaver Company, it’s a spray which makes my kids happy (they seriously dislike the application of sunscreen in general), it doesn’t leave a white layer on your skin, seems to coat well and the best part is this clause on the label:

While the price point wasn’t the best, I’m pretty excited about this find.  I will update after I’ve used this one a few times to give you my honest opinion of it’s use.


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