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The HOTTEST toy this year!

The hottest toy right now is not even a toy.  It’s a tool designed for kids that struggle to concentrate during school, church, story time, any place where they should be focusing.  Fidget spinners have become the must-have toy for kids everywhere.  My boys have been wanting to make a fidget spinner video for a while now so here it is:

My first impression of these fidget spinners was that it would take away from the kids who actually needed to use them to concentrate and to some degree I noticed this because my kids teachers were making everyone put them away during class…and for GOOD reason, these things are addicting and actually distracting.  Luckily there are so many other fidget tools out there so kids that actually need them for concentration have many different options.

All the kids we know have at least one fidget spinner, most have more than one.  I think we have 7 in our house.  The new thing, for boys at least, is fidget spinner tricks.  While I don’t get the appeal as the hottest toy of the year, the kids love them.  As a parent I don’t see any harm in these popular toys and as a plus they are a pretty inexpensive toy option.  Currently they are in every store and everywhere online, there are different shapes, sizes, colors, and weights.  The weight is the important part, along with a good baring in the middle to make it spin the longest.  Spinning longer is the sign of quality according to my kids.

My youngest son ordered one off Amazon and he chose one that was not on Amazon prime so he knew the shipping would take longer but that was the one he wanted.  So he’s been checking the mail everyday, hoping that his new “toy” will be there.

Here are a bunch of choices that are available right now:

And for those Harry Potter fans, check this one out, I love this!

There are also a ton of DIY fidget spinners out there on pinterest.  If you are at all crafty there will be options that will fit your ability.  Check out my crafts board for the ones that I’ve pinned to try with my boys.  At my oldest son’s entrepreneur fair this year there were so many different fidget spinners, some made with 3-D printers, one out of wood that we ended up purchasing, nuts and bolts, and many others.  Of course these tables were the most popular and the kids ended up selling out very quickly.

So the hottest toy of the year that’s not even really a toy – parent approved (in my humble opinion).

If you make any of these DIY spinners I’d love to hear how it turned out, share in the comments.


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