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The Grand Hyatt, Kauai

Disclosure:  We received a discounted rate for our stay but remain objective and honest in our opinions.

Our first week in Kauai we rented a condo in Poipu, but we knew we were staying a couple of nights at the Grand Hyatt in the second week so our curiosity made us drive by on one of the first nights there.  We drove up at night and the palm trees out front were all lit up with red, green and white Christmas lights, it was captivating.

When it was finally time to actually check-in at the Hyatt we walked in, in aw.  The foyer is Grand.  It’s completely open straight through to where you can see the Ocean.  There was a musical performance happening at the Seaview Terrace, which is perched over the grounds and the amazing ocean view, and you got an immediate sense of gorgeous tranquility.

Our room was just perfect!  I wish I had taken photos…I thought of it…but it was after we had infected it’s beauty with all of our stuff everywhere!

After settling in we went for a walk around the grounds…52 acres of beauty.  They take pride in keeping the grounds lush and green, familiar of the rest the island.  The paths throughout and around the pool meander through the foliage.  There is a large main pool with many wings, including a waterfall you can lean into, a volleyball net, a basketball hoop, and twists and turns to swim around.  Up top there is an adult only pool which links into the beginning of the lazy river.  The lazy river flows around rocks and incorporates two caves which you can enter through the gentle waterfalls.  At the end of the lazy river you’ve reached the top of the water slide, it’s not a huge slide but it’s great fun for both the kids and adults.

The pools and hot tubs are always open and the first night we were there we were swimming well past sunset.  The first hot tub we found was located in the middle of the pool, in order to get in…or out…you were going through the pool, not an issue at all when you’re getting in, but not quite as fun when you’re getting out.  The second night they had opened up cosmic sliding from 7-9pm where they had lights and smoke going on over the slide, it was fun for the kids.

In addition to the pools they have a salt water lake on site.  They’ve surrounded it with sand, and it’s just like have your own private beach next to the beach.  The adjacent beach is called Shipwreck beach on on the left there are huge cliffs that people actually jump off of into the ocean (you’ll never see me attempting that activity).  To the right there’s an area of rocks and we were told that in the mornings many of the turtles come up into this little cove and you can watch them from above.  While my husband was swimming at Shipwreck Beach he saw the silhouette of a turtle through a wave and swam over to find two turtles which looked to be mating.

We woke up early the next day to a beautiful sunrise view from our lanai and went down to the pools early to go swimming and enjoy this gorgeous resort which would only be our home for two days.  The resort had everything we could need so we didn’t really venture out while we were there.  Everything gets charged to your room so no need to carry your cash or cards around either.  We ate lunch poolside from the Hale Nalu restaurant.  I’ll be honest here, you’re not eating here because it’s cheap, but you do get the convenience and the food was tasty.  We didn’t even have to go anywhere to order it, they come to you.

This waterfall entered into the main pool and was my favorite little cove to swim into because you lean right into the waterfall.  It was also located to one of the tucked away hot tubs and added to the relaxation.

This is the saltwater pond with the ocean just beyond.  Can you believe this is a man-made beach?  It was really stunning.

The next day was check-out day and because the hotel was fully-booked we couldn’t get a late check-out, but it turns out that doesn’t matter.  You get full use of the grounds for the entire day, you just need to be out of your room.  And because of this they’ve recently added what they call, a hospitality room, to their facilities.  This allows you to swim all day and when you’re ready to leave, maybe you have a late night flight, well now you can go use the hospitality room which has a men’s room and women’s room with a shower, fresh towels, and any of the basic toiletries you could need.  They also have a lounge area where you can wait and keep dry and clean before a flight, sure beats a late night flight covered in salt and sand.  Honestly we could not have been happier with our stay at the Grand Hyatt.

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