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Tambor Beach, Costa Rica Series #2

We left Playa Hermosa after seven days of exploring the surrounding areas, we drove north to Punta Arenas which is where all the cruise ships dock when they come through.  They have a little ferry out of Punta Arenas that crosses the bay to the Nicoya Penisula.  The boat was called Tambor II.  It was a spectacular ride across the water, so beautiful.  The interesting part about this little ferry was that when you board everyone except the driver has to get out of the vehicle and walk aboard the ferry.  We realized after that the reason for this was that they jam pack the cars so close together that it’s too difficult to open the doors and get out.  My husband was the driver in this case so the boys and I walked onto the ferry and got comfortable, there was a very large interior space with air conditioning, which was such a bonus.  We cooled off inside for a bit and then when the boat started moving we headed to the top deck to enjoy the view, it was actually quite comfortable with the breeze once we were moving.  We also met a very friendly Tico couple who were heading for their honeymoom in Santa Theresa.

As the ferry neared the other side my husband, as the driver, had to return to the vehicle to prepare for dis-embarkment.  He tells the story that he could’ve died down there it was so hot, they have a lower level for cars that is fully enclosed.  Here’s the ramp into this lower level:

Here’s the view from the boat:

We stayed at an Air BNB at the Delfines Golf and Country Club.  The unit itself was great…except we were suppose to have our own pool, which we did, however, there was raccoon poop in it so we didn’t really feel like swimming in it.  Luckily we love the ocean and it was literally a block from our unit.  Not only did we enjoy the swimming, the beach was basically deserted, it felt like we had this entire bay to ourselves.  As in every location in Costa Rica the water was so warm and the waves were fun to swim in, not too powerful but you could still surf or boogie board on them if you wanted.

We did a lot of night swimming while we were there.  They had a restaurant on-site which had the best pan-seared red snapper that came with salad and fries for a pretty decent price, we ate out more at this location than any other, partially because of the convenience but mostly because I wanted to keep eating that red snapper and we were only there for two days.

There wasn’t much in this area but the golf and country club seemed to mostly be Canadians and Americans that owned a vacation rental there.  We toured around a bit and found a sign that said waterfall so we kept following the road hoping to find this waterfall.

A typical road in Costa Rica, actually this one was quite smooth!

We finally reached a trail to the waterfall and hiked along it.  We found the waterfall the only trouble was we were on top of it rather than looking up at it.  It doesn’t look high up from this angle but it was probably a good 50 metres high.

One of the most amazing things about Costa Rica are the animals, there are lizards everywhere.  While we were here we saw a huge one just crossing the road.  The little ones actually come inside and climb the walls.  There was a creek running through the golf course and a lady we met showed us the crocodile eyes at night with her flashlight.  We also saw many Macaws flying around the golf course.  They are so beautiful.  We found out that they were becoming extinct and a local center starting breeding them and introducing them back into nature in this area that’s why there were so many around. 

Although we were only in Tambor for a couple of days we really, really enjoyed the area and would go back again.  There is actually a small airstrip right near the Delfines Golf Course so you can actually hop a flight from the international airport right there.  Perfect for a nice easy relaxing vacation.

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