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“Shake N Bake” Chicken

Shake n’ Bake Chicken was one of my favorite meals when I was growing up, even as an adult I still love it.  I have created what is similar to shake n’ bake chicken in texture but has WAY more flavor and of course is healthier…and cheaper, I never realized that when you buy pre-packaged or pre-made products you end up paying far too much for what the ingredients cost.

Anyways the recipe…

About 10 Chicken Drumsticks (or any other cut of chicken you prefer, I think skin on is the best)

1 Tbsp Paprika

1 Tbsp Chili Powder

1 Tbsp Dry Mustard

1Tbsp Rosemary

1 Teas Coarse Salt

1 Teas Onion Powder

1Teas Garlic Powder

Mix all spices together in a bowl.  Coat the Chicken.  Toss it on the BBQ until cooked.  Of course you can vary the spices to your liking.

MMMMmmmmmm so good.

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