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Playground built into nature – enjoy this picturesque location with the whole family

The kids had a blast at this rugged playground that is built into the natural landscape and includes a stunning water view location where you can watch the planes taking off at the airport.  A spacious park with tons of picnic tables, walking and biking trails, a 75 foot high slide, zip lines, and more.

Named Terranova Adventure Park for its natural construction. This park is located in Richmond, B.C. right along the Fraser River. The bike/walking trails follow along the river as well as through the forested area with beautiful creek areas and flat manicured pathways.

The playground portion of the park is spread out with picnic tables and green space within. They’ve built a slide into the hillside, taking advantage of the natural slope, and from the top of this hill is a stunning view of the river and the best place to watch planes taking off at the airport. Next to this slide are two 35m long zip lines that seem to be a huge hit. They refer to this area of the park as the paddock because stables used to be located there, the open space interlaced with fence dividers is a unique place to play or relax, they call it the meadow maze. The “big-kid” swings are also on this side of the park.

The main playground, located within the trees is constructed around one very large tree that the kids love to climb. On one side, the playground includes a tots area with swings for the wee ones, a sand and water play station (which has only been sand every time we’ve be there), and a big climbable spinner. One the other side is a huge 10m high spiral slide, it has four levels to climb up, the slide being on the third level. Then there is an obstacle course using logs and ropes to climb across and on the far side there is a structure built entirely out of logs placed at various angles for climbing about, it’s actually quite fun even for the adults.

The City built this unique playground with the hopes that it would help reconnect people with nature. I believe they have succeeded in the vision.

On our way home we stopped at the flight path park too!  It’s a small park with a globe constructed in the middle, there are signs all around to learn about different places in the world, and markers on the globe to show where some places are.  The neatest part is that they lined it up perfectly with the runway at the airport so you really are just watching the planes take off.  It was a fun-filled afternoon.

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