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Natural teeth whitener using what?!?

You may have seen ads and scary looking photos promoting Charcoal as a natural teeth whitener and thought this must be some sort of prank?  That’s exactly what my son thought when he walked into the bathroom as I was brushing my teeth and they were black!  I think his exact words were “What happened?!

However weird it might seem, it works!

I mix activated charcoal with coconut oil and add a glob of that with my toothpaste, it tastes better that way!  This is the activated charcoal I bought, it’s a huge bag so it will last me awhile:

You can find coconut oil here.  You will quickly realize you don’t need much of the activated charcoal to make the paste, next batch I make I will measure out how much of each and actually provide a recipe.

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2 thoughts on “Natural teeth whitener using what?!?

  1. I need to try this! I’ve heard that activated charcoal works wonders. But I think a link or a picture might be missing for the activated charcoal that you bought?

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