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My little entrepreneur’s Tetris Cube business

My oldest son has been involved with an entrepreneur program in his class.  This has been one of the best things I’ve seen them learn at school.  Basically they’ve had to come up with a product that they could make and sell but the best part is the business plan.  They had to go to other classes and do market research to help them figure out the best way to deliver their product and what price people would be willing to pay for it.  They also had to figure out their costs for materials and take a loan out from their parents, which must be paid back first.  They determined their break-even point and their cost/profit per item.  And at the end of it they set up in the gym and sell their product to all the other students and parents in the school, for my shy guy this is one of the biggest learning areas for him.

So this was right up my alley, I was so excited to get involved.  He and I went on Pinterest for inspiration!  It was very difficult to veer him away from fidget spinners as those are all the rage right now but the cost to make them was fairly high which meant his profit would be much less, he agreed that that wasn’t smart business.  And it turns out three other kids are making fidget spinners so he would’ve had a lot of competition.

Finally he decided on tetris cubes!  What a great little invention these things are.  So for the past three weekends we have been labouring away making tons of these little Tetris-like pieces and packaging them up as puzzles that fit together to make a cube.  He even “hired” his little brother for $5 to help build pieces.  I am super proud of my young man for doing such a great job with his little business and I’m hoping he makes some profit so he can see the value in his hard work and creativity.

In case you’re interested in making these cute little puzzles, here’s how:

Things you need:

  1. Small wooden blocks like these.  (We bought ours at dollarama).  You need one package to make one cube but with two packages you’re actually able to make three cubes.
  2. Hot glue gun and glue sticks


You will need to glue the small blocks together in the following shapes

  1. One – 2×2 square
  2. One – three block line
  3. One – ‘Z’ shape
  4. Two – ‘L’ shapes
  5. Two – ‘T’ shapes

And now you solve the puzzles by arranging your pieces into a 3x3x3 three dimensional cube.  Tada!

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