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Montezuma, Costa Rica Series #3

Montezuma sounded amazing, everything I had read online before we went made me think this was going to be the absolute best part of our trip through Costa Rica.  The best part about Montezuma was the place we stayed.  Situated on the cliff overlooking the ocean, called Solevante – rising sun, for a reason.  We woke up at 530 each morning just to see this amazing sunrise, the pictures can’t even do it justice.


This place was perfectly situated to capture the sunrise on the horizon.  They even had a yoga studio on the cliff overlooking the ocean, I didn’t have the opportunity to take in a yoga class but they definitely placed that studio perfectly.  

The property had a lap pool and hot tub and had pool noodles and dive weights available for use.  There were bungalows conveniently placed around the land so that everyone had a breathtaking view.  

Because there are four of us we had one of the two that were called “houses”. Basically we had a small kitchen with two bedrooms and a bathroom.  The living space was entirely outdoors, we had a grand patio with a dining table and two adirondack chairs overlooking the ocean and the grounds, we spent so much time in the evenings enjoying that serene space.  

The town of Montezuma is small and very touristy.  Honestly there’s not much there.  The beaches are different from the other places we saw in Costa Rica, lots of lava rock.  The best part for the kids was the waves coming in over the rocks, although it was a little nerve wracking at first that the waves would take them out over these big rocks.
We also hiked into one of the waterfalls.  You had to pay the local landowner to park on his property to walk in but it’s not much.  The hike in is pretty easy, as long as you are steady on your feet you can make it in.  The falls were not huge but when you were under the falls it was really powerful, thundering down on you.  This was the trail in and out, this is probably the toughest part, there were some much flatter areas.

It is truly difficult to capture the height of waterfalls in pictures, the one wasn’t huge but still impressive and beautiful.

Would I go back to Montezuma, probably not, but depending on what you’re looking for in a vacation spot, I would highly recommend our accommodations.  The owner, Marco, is from Italy and he runs a little bistro next to the pool.  He makes delicious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and it feels like such an intimate setting with only a few tables.  I really cannot say anything bad about Costa Rica, it is a stunning country.

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