Looking for a semi-local surf spot?!

We were on the hunt for a good surfing spot, after moving too far from Tofino we had left our surfing hobby behind and I know my husband was really missing it.  He loves the ocean, his only requirement when we had to move to be closer to my work, was that we needed to be near the ocean.  We are near the ocean but unfortunately there is no surf around here.

So began our search for a surf spot that was within reasonable driving distance.  It seemed there were some places in Washington that would fit the bill.  At the last minute one weekend we starting searching for a campsite along the Washington coast.  We spoke to someone at Copalis beach and told her what we were looking for, her immediate response was that it was NOT a good surfing spot and that three people had actually died out there this year!!  That was not what we were looking for.

We ended up booking a spot at the American Sunset Campground in Westport Washington.  This town was EXACTLY what we were looking for, from the amazing beaches and great surf, to the quaint town, the fresh fish off the fishing boats, and the perfect campground, we couldn’t have found a better spot.

Unfortunately, in our haste to just go and find that surf spot we only had one night planned and the drive ended up taking us 7 hours (we made too many long stops, next time we would plan the drive better and just get there).  So after we arrived and setup camp it was decided that we weren’t going to just pack up tomorrow and make that trek home, so I took an extra day off work and stayed two nights.

We are already trying to book our next visit for this August…stay tuned.  This time we will be bringing our surf boards!

After the long drive out there we stopped at the first beach access just to see the ocean.  We were floored by the beauty of this spot.  Not only were there miles of sandy beach in both direction, there was surf, and during this first visit to the beach we saw a lady with her pet pig walking the beach and a guy sand surfing being pulled by a truck.  We got the impression that this town was all about beach life.

The American Sunset campground was better than we could have ever expected.  There’s an RV area at the front near the office, which is really just a big parking lot.  Just beside the office is an outdoor pool for guest use, we were really surprised by the fact that the pool wasn’t used that often, we were in it three different times and only had another guest there on one occasion.  The hosts were friendly and helpful and there was a little store there where you could buy anything you possibly forgot.  After you pass all the RV spots the rest of the grounds are classic camping, there are sites scattered all through the woods.

We were given a perfect spot right across the street from the playground and a short walk to the washrooms, which were complete with flush toilets and showers.  I love camp spots that are secluded in the trees but I definitely favor flush toilets…not a fan of outhouses.  The American Sunset is located five minutes from everything, the grocery store, all the beaches, and you can walk two minutes across the street to the marina where all the fishing boats come in.  We walked the docks and saw some amazing, really large jellyfish.

We spent the entire second day at the beach, we packed our cooler full of snacks, brought our boogie board and setup camp.  Luckily there was an empty fort at the beach because we had major wind that day and it was causing what can only be described as a sand storm.  We laid out a blanket and within minutes it was completely buried in sand.  I’m crossing my fingers that this time the wind lets up a bit.  As this was our first time to this location we didn’t realize that the water was going to be as cold as it was.  I made it in to about my knees, A was with me.  Papa was the only one brave enough to take the boogie board in and actually try and catch some waves.  I think he lasted about 45 minutes before he was too cold.  We’re no strangers to the cold water, we’ve surfed in the winter, but we usually wear the appropriate gear.  So this year we’re bringing our wetsuits and our boards so we can actually get in the ocean and catch some waves.  I am so excited.  I’m actually planning to bring our winter suits with hoods, gloves and booties.  The kids have outgrown theirs so I’m ordering theirs tomorrow.  These are the ones I get for the kids – such a great deal, even with the exchange rate, and they really are great quality and actually have a decent re-sale value when they’ve outgrown them.

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