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Delicious Tropical Smoothie – Only Three Ingredients!

There is no better way to start your day than with a smoothie full of delicious and nutritious ingredients, well… maybe a coffee first.  I love putting spinach in my smoothies but as soon as my kids see it’s green they won’t touch it.  They both like spinach but I guess they view the smoothie as a milkshake and who wants spinach in their milkshake.  Berries are also good in smoothie, they bring a lot of flavor, however, they also bring a lot of seeds, another turn off for the kids.

This tropical smoothie has been a hit in our house and it’s only three ingredients!  (Unless your count the ice and water).


  • Whey Protein – Vanilla Flavor (I use the Isagenix meal replacement powder because it’s chalked full of other healthy ingredients that you wouldn’t get from just a whey protein).  If you can’t have whey there are many other options for a protein powder that would work.  If you’re aim is to get the most nutrients possible into your smoothie, I would suggest using the Isagenix (or other brand) meal replacement shake powder.
  • Banana
  • 1/4 of a whole fresh pineapple

That’s it!

This usually makes 2-3 large smoothies in our house (probably about 8-10 oz each), but it depends on the size of your glasses and how much everyone wants.  I add about 4-5 cubes of ice to my blender, two scoops of the protein powder, a whole banana and a quarter of a pineapple.  Then I add water until it reaches the two cup mark on my blender.  If you have orange juice on hand it will make this one even yummier.  You may want to play around with the amounts of ice and water you use.  I don’t like my smoothies too thick or too cold so this ratio works perfect for me.

Crank on the blender until smoothie, serve and enjoy!

So simple.

Side note:  I am not an active associate of Isagenix I just use and love some of their products.  If you are interested in the products I can put you in touch with an active associate who can set you up.  They make great stuff!


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