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Crescent Beach, Surrey B.C.

Crescent beach could almost be categorized as its own town, not that they have all of the amenities to make it a town, but they definitely have their own unique community and identity. Located west coast of South Surrey, there is only one access road in and out of this little community.

There are a handful of restaurants and shops, including places to get ice cream on a hot summer day. Parking is very limited in the “village” area, but there is a large parking area at the north end at Blackie Spit park. A flat gravel walking or biking path travels along the water from the village to Blackie Spit.

Although you can swim anywhere along the beach there is a dedicated swimming area with a lifeguard during the summer months. At this swimming area the ground drops off pretty quickly and you can swim over to the dock to jump into the deep water. The sailing club keeps their little sails boats here for their sailing lessons. The sand at Crescent Beach is very soft as the tide doesn’t change much here. Nice for sitting on but not so good for sandcastle building.

In the winter months they removing the entire dock structure, it’s too cold to swim anyways, but the main post remains in the water with it’s no running sign posted, it’s a bit amusing.

As you walk closer to Blackie Spit there’s a small pier, not nearly as grand as it’s counter part in White Rock but people fish off the pier as well as jump off the pier for fun.

The beach at Blackie Spit is a good place to launch your kayak or paddle board. There is a portion of beach here that is a dedicated dog park as well as a sectioned off area inland in the park.

Blackie Spit is an estuary and there are walking trails where you can go bird watching, or just enjoy the scenery.

This photo (one of our favorites) was taken during a walk through the estuary at Blackie Spit:

If you enjoy the beach make a trip over to White Rock beach as well, less than 15 minutes from Crescent Beach.  Another great beach to watch an amazing sunset.

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