Creating Inspiration…Easier said than done

Originally I wanted this page to compile quotes for all the amazing thinkers of the world that have inspired me…for five minutes or for a lifetime, inspiration is so integral to our everyday life.  It moves us, it motivates us, it reminds us to appreciate.  Inspiration can come is so many forms and I am influenced everyday by some form of inspiration.  We, as people, need to listen to those moments of inspiration, it’s those moments, that we sometimes don’t even notice, that help us navigate life in a way that we are proud of ourselves each day.  If you are not inspired to live each day and be proud of something, even something so small that was achieved that day, was that day in your life memorable?  Was it fulfilling?  Are you grateful for that day?

Inspiration hit me today.  I wasn’t looking for it, I’m often not…but I felt it.  I read something and it changed me today.  It invoked a passion to share my feelings with the world.  The power of social media and technology is incredible.  Today I have “friends” on facebook that I would have lost over the years, and truth be told, I did lose them to some degree, but social media allows us to keep in touch from a distance, it allows us to keep subtle connections with people who have impacted our lives.

Today I found an old acquaintance through facebook.  We were never close friends and currently we are not facebook friends, but through a friend of a friend I found her blog.  This is where I found inspiration.

We are free.  Free to be who we want to be, to change our thoughts, our feelings, to learn new things.  We are adaptable.  We are not stuck with the labels people put on us.  We are human, alive, always changing, always growing.

The world is immense, and with technology we can harness all if it.  We can learn anything we want to learn, it is indeterminable what you can find and learn on the internet.  We are the only thing that holds us back.

We are constantly labelled.  Even as kids.  I tell my oldest son all the time that he is amazingly good at math.  And he is.  But that doesn’t mean his life should center around math.  He has never played the guitar in his life, but if he wants to learn, he CAN!  And he might be amazing at it.  He may pick up a guitar when he’s 50 years old and rock it!  No matter how old we are we can always learn something new.

Today, I remembered that we are labelled…and those labels threaten to define us.  They threaten to hinder us.  In a world where you can strive, thrive, learn, grow, be, these labels bring us down.  Whether we put them on ourselves, or someone inadvertently labels us…we are not one thing…we are not stone.  We are mold-able, we are adaptable, we are capable of growth and learning forever.  Honestly, until we take our last breath we, as human beings, can learn, can grow, can expand our minds and bodies.  There is nothing that can hold us back but ourselves.

As adults we forget this.  We settle for contentment.  Sometimes we give in to our labels.  Sometimes those labels are as simple as our job titles.  My job title doesn’t define me anymore than my title as a mom, as a wife, as a woman.  I am creative, I am a thinker, I always want to try new things, travel to new places.  I am me.  I choose to find the little things I enjoy and do them.  Please, whether you are male, female, young, old, rich or poor, never forget that you have many facets to your being, embrace them, set them free, do not let your life or any of the labels you’ve put on yourself, take away one piece of the person you are inside you.  Let you out!

Once you’ve decided to let you shine free, let’s help the kids in our life shine free as well.  Let’s empower them to be who they are, try anything they want to try.  Use the power of the internet and technology to learn anything!

When I was 18 years old, I had graduated high school, I was an adult…I could vote, so I had grown into who I was going to be?!  No.  I knew that then, and I know it more now.  I continued to grow, to adapt, to mold into the person I am today.  And I will continue to learn, to change, I will not be the same person I am today at 70 or 80 or 100.  Why should I?  Why should I accept that who I am today is all there is for me?  Why should I stop searching, growing, learning, changing, exploring?  There is so much to see and absorb in this world.  I cannot wait to see what I will learn tomorrow!

I hope to instill in my children, in just a small way, the feeling that it is okay to change, it’s not okay to accept that you can only do or be what someone else says you can be, even if that voice is coming from inside you.  Embrace change, embrace learning, embrace growth, embrace LIFE!  Love life and everything it can offer to you, never settle.

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