An amusement park that kids (and parents) will love

As a general rule we don’t do crowds.  We are the last family you will ever see at the *insert any holiday here* celebration that the City is putting on.  They are too busy and you have to pay for every little activity you, or your kids, want to participate in for 30 seconds.  By the time you leave these “fun” events you’ve spent your months worth of disposable income and you’re so exhausted from the noise and standing in line all day that you don’t look back on that one day as an enjoyable experience.

So this year on Canada day for some bizarre reason we decided to drive up and check out the local celebration at the fair grounds.  There would be a midway fair for the kids, it was a beautiful sunny day, why not give it a go.  Well…we made it, very slowly, into the parking lot, following a parade of cars through a packed parking lot that was only one way because they had to fit all the cars in somewhere, and exited right out the other side.  Who were we kidding!  If it took this long to get through the parking lot why would we want to go into the fair grounds.  As we left we could see some of the activities and the lines for days and I’m so glad we didn’t decide to stay.

However, we still had a holiday Monday and we didn’t have to go to work, so we had to make the most of it.  My son had his birthday party recently at the Cultus Lake Waterpark in Chilliwack, another fun place for a day trip.  So we had 8 waterpark passes leftover from his birthday party and on the back of each one was a coupon for a $15 all-day ride pass at the Cultus Lake Adventure Park.  When we visited the waterpark we could see a bit of the adventure park and it looked like great fun.  Anyways, my husband and I groaned a little at the thought an amusement park, thinking it would just be another terribly long day of standing in line for everything, so the compromise was that we would do the adventure park and then spend the rest of the day at the lake.

I could not believe how wrong we were about this particular amusement park.  Not only was the atmosphere very unique and fun, they have a wild west theme going on, there were no long lines, the most you had to wait for any ride was one round before your turn.  We had planned to walk around the park first and decide if it was even worth it for my husband and I to get a ride pass, and I am so glad we did.  You can enter the park itself for free, they have a boardwalk you can walk along and just enjoy the atmosphere, but for $15 per person we could ride as many rides as we wanted, I think we probably averaged at least 10 rides each.

It wasn’t a huge amusement park, if you love going to six flags every weekend I doubt you’d enjoy this park, but for the level of thrill-seeking that our family does, it was just perfect.  It actually took A most of the day to even try the roller-coaster, but once he did he went on it over and over again until it was time to leave.  There was one ride that none of us were even going to try, it was called Round Up and basically they strap you onto a circle with 20 or so other people, then it spins while it swings back and forth like a pendulum, eventually your pendulum generates enough momentum and you go all the way around a few times, they even stop the swinging at the very top so the riders just hang upside down for few seconds, it must be at least 20 meters above the ground!  Not my kind of ride.

Since we had more of those $15 ride passes I took the boys out there for another day trip at the Cultus Lake Adventure Park and we again had a great time.  This time L wanted to try the roller coaster and loved it and the Bucking Broncs, which was closed on our first visit, was open and super fun, although your ribs hurt when you get off the ride from the pressure on them. L also decided to try the bumper boats this time around and was quite happy when he didn’t get too wet.  My little one is a bit hesitant with new things so this second time to the Adventure Park he felt much more comfortable and tried almost everything.

The rides:

  1. Runaway Mine Train (small roller coaster)
  2. Buckin’ Bronco (a circle of horses facing outward, you straddle your horse which a braces that comes up behind your back, it swings up and down in a U-shape and spins around at the same time, it’s an intermediate level ride and was one of my favorites)
  3. Blasting Barrels (mini roller coaster with spinning carts, I also really liked this one)
  4. Wave Swinger (swings that go in circles and up and down, you swing right above the bumper boats which is neat)
  5. Classic Carousel
  6. Bucky’s Bumper Boats
  7. Ribbit (ride for young kids, frogs that bounce up and down and make ribbit sounds at the press of a button, we only rode this one once)
  8. Round-Up (I cannot review this ride because it made me dizzy just watching it, this would be the choice for those thrill seekers out there)
  9. Windmill Drop (I cannot review this ride either because I don’t do well with heights, it’s basically a smaller version of the hellevator)
  10. Balloon Adventure (small hot-air balloons that rise up and slowly spin in circles, you can use the wheel in the middle to spin your balloon around as fast as you can, I was trying to hold it steady while my kids tried with all their might to get it spinning super fast)
  11. Wagon Wheel (ferris wheel inside of wagon wheels, my husband and kids rode this one and said you get an amazing view of the lake from the top)

They also have other coin-operated attractions and a Wilderness Trail which is fun to walk through with bridges and caves, and little river way.  You can also purchase a gem bag for $5 and pan for gems which you get to take home.  We also played a round of Giggle-Golf (mini-golf) which is an extra $10 per game.

Overall it’s a great amusement park that’s not too busy, has a fun atmosphere and doesn’t break the bank.  And if you’re making a day trip out there you can finish off the day relaxing by the lake or having a nice swim before you head home.  If you want to make a bigger vacation out of if there is lots of camping nearby, including a provincial park campground.  You can spend time at the lake, a day at the Cultus Lake Waterpark and a day at the Cultus Lake Adventure Park, a very kid-approved vacation!

We finished our day off relaxing at the lake and a quick swim.  Next time we’ll have to spend more time at the lake, it was really beautiful.


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